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Home cinemas



Clients who splash out on these fantastic home cinemas enjoy the ideal family entertainment space or man-cave.

Home cinemas have in recent years become incredibly popular additions to homes. The trend is only increasing, both in high-end and mid-range homes.

Carpentry king has the solution for your design and implementation of this delightful addition to your home. We can design housings for all your audio-visual equipment, projectors and/or screens. We will also run with built-in wall units, shelving, and even decorative pieces to make this space as attractive and inviting as possible.

We will scale the project to suit the size of your available space, and the size of your budget! Why not give us a call today to see how we can make your dreams of a home cinema take shape in reality.

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Carpentry King is a proud sponser and supplier of Bentley Acoustics ... Local is Lekker!

Carpentry King is proud to announce that we will be the West Rand representatives for Bentley Acoustics. We have all the models available for demo purposes. They will be placed in our custom home theater and lounge area. By appointment only you can visit us and experience the superb quality for yourself, then purchase only the speakers from us or get a quote on a fully installed home cinema.

I have been in the audio industry for many years and can assure you that these speakers are truly mind-blowing. The affordability is unmatched for this type of quality. You can expect to pay 3 to 4 times more for a comparable result. This is the one time that I am honestly happy to support “local is lekker”