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7 McGrath Ave, Witpoortjie, Roodepoort, South Africa


Our kitchen units are made-to-order and will provide an exciting, tasteful facelift to this vital space in your home.

When you are investing into an upgrade on your house, there is no better return on investment than remodelling your kitchen. Buyers love an outstanding kitchen, so a tasteful upgrade here will give you the most bang for your buck when renovating!

This makes sense – after all, the open-plan kitchen is the hub of the modern home, where families can connect and chat over a meal together. Everyone loves the smell of supper cooking on the stove, or delicious treats baking in the oven. Remodelling your kitchen with us will turn this space into an experience that is pleasing to all your senses.

Turn your hours spent in the kitchen into a pleasure with our fantastic range of cupboards and storage racks. No job is outside the scope of what we can do for you here, from corner units, to built-in floor-to-ceiling pantry cupboards, to racks for bins or spices. Your kitchen upgrade is in good hands with us!

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